Why we have an investment edge
Experienced investors who have navigated their way through many market cycles

Access to a world class platform – our global perspective provides an information advantage

Limited exposure to extreme market movements with a focus on quality companies
High conviction portfolio with over 50% active share1

1 as of 30 June 2021

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T. Rowe Price Australian Equity proprietary investment process

Our proprietary fundamental research and analysis enables us to group companies into six categories based on a company’s return on capital and future growth prospects with a 3–5 year time horizon. 


+ -
Highest Quality - Generate superior returns with above market earnings growth


+ -
Generate superior returns with market earnings growth


+ -
Generate superior returns with sub-market earnings growth


+ -
Generate returns in line with cost of capital with positive earnings growth


+ -
Generate inferior returns with market or lower earnings growth


+ -
Lowest quality - generate inferior returns with above market earings growth
Within each category we further refine the rating with a “ + “ or “ – “ to indicate whether the direction of change is positive or negative.

For illustrative purposes. As at 30 June 2021.

Responsible investing at T. Rowe Price
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Integrating ESG considerations into our fundamental research has helped the firm identify well-managed companies that are leaders in their industries, more forward-thinking, better at anticipating and mitigating risk, and focused on the long term.
Bill Stromberg, CEO

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